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The Solution to Raising Happy and Healthy Children

If your children are stressed, unhappy or acting out, there is something wrong.  Children have such an amazing ability to express their emotions exactly as they feel them.  So it is safe to say that if they are acting unhappy or depressed then they probably are. If they are hitting, yelling or throwing, they are probably angry.

Experiencing emotions is normal. That is part of the human journey. However, the consistent experience of  negative emotions  could be signaling a deeper issue.

I’m not going to go into an entire article about our emotions and how to deal with them. The bottom line is that it’s time to go straight to the core to resolve these emotional symptoms. Our kids are begging for us (the parents) to go deeper, to live deeper, to love them on the deepest level possible. This isn’t a woo-woo concept that I am throwing around. Nor is it a belief that “love heals all”. LOVE DOES heal everything but knowing what that really means is the key.

The only solution, or I should say, the missing element to parenting is knowing how to connect with your child in a way that transforms negative behavior, unhappiness, depression, hyperactivity and really the list goes on. Yes the only path to changing the reality we are facing with our children today is Love. But not the idea of love or the attempt to feel love; the absolute understanding of LOVE.

We have to dig deep, use methods that help us to release what keeps us from getting the feeling of LOVE, and spend every possible moment activating this concept. I show you exactly how to do this in my new program- Parenting With Heart And Soul.

Our children will transform right before our eyes.

One of my clients recently shared with me an amazing story with her young toddler. He was acting out a lot. Hitting. Yelling. After several minutes of this happening, she sat him in his “chair” where he could “take a break” and turned on some soft music. She proceeded to go into her bedroom while her son sat in the chair for 2 minutes. She sat down and started doing one of the techniques we had been working on. He stopped crying before the 2 minutes was up. She approached him with her hands stretched out while saying “I love you”. He hugged her and then said to her “Sometimes, I need to walk away too so I don’t cry”. He told her exactly what he needed so that he would stop hitting and acting out. They talked about his feelings and why he was hitting and made a pact so that the next time it happened, they would both know what to do.

Can you imagine every toddler being able to do this? Imagine how our world would be…

It’s time right now to stop what is happening with our children today. It starts with every parent out there. We HAVE to start doing what is right for our children not what is convenient for us. We must understand that there is a deeper way to experience life and our children are begging for us to get that because they already do. They want us to get there so we can live harmoniously.

Here’s my invitation to you: What can you do starting right now to connect with your child on such a deep level that will help them to diffuse their negativity so that you two can bond and create real loving solutions?

If you’re not sure, you can get a copy of my Energy Directed Parenting Class which has the technique that my client used with her toddler. Just sign up for the free recording on the top right of this page.  You will be doing the technique before the recording is over.

My honest desire is to see every parent and child in this world living a life of incredible depth and understanding.


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  1. Monex on December 16th, 2010 5:18 pm

    With fierce competition endless homework and a schedule that would be unsustainable for most adults children today are being pushed to the brink. They are told its for their future so that they can become successful.

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