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For Moms Who MUST Earn an Income

by Guest Blogger Susan Putman

Maybe this is a little sappy, but it must be written because this is about Love.

You may not know me but my name is Susan Putman and I’ve had the amazing honor and blessing of spending the majority of my time with children or “the Littles” as I call them.

Surely if you have been around the Littles for long you must alredy know this: to work for the Littles, to share with them the moments of the day is to, well, it’s to Live in Love. You can’t help it for the Littles never think to guard their affection as adults do.

To be moment to moment with the Littles is also to Live in Hope for they are ever hopeful. Looking from where they are now, whether labeled “accomplishment” or “failure” in our adult minds, to their next adventure with enthusiam and a faith and trust in life itself that can not be denied.

Napoleon Hill? Smoleon Hill! Anthony Robbins – go have breakfast. I challenge anyone, anyone at all to truly be among 4 or 5 of my Littles and not come away inspired to love fully, to hope with abandon and to be and do anything – because as the Littles will show you – anything is possible.

Here’s a recent story of love, hope and “anything is possible” from my own day care:

The wonderful lady who comes to my nursery to help each morning came in yesterday filled with worry and woe. She had been up all night with her troubles and they seemed insurmountable. She summoned all her courage to face the day.

Then a Little miracle happened. As she held it together for the Littles, smiled for them, read to them, watched them taking shaky yet resolute first steps and gleefully match the letter to the picture, her shadow was overcome with genuine laughter and simply joy.

Then, a new perspective on her “problem” began to emerge in her mind and solutions began to reveal themselves to her. As she was present to her “job” with the Littles, though tired, she began to feel alive and hopeful. I looked over to see her smiling. She had come up with several possibilities in answer to her need.

So it will be for you. Sure your daycare will pay the bills, yes you can make more than you are making now at a j.o.b. and stay home with your kids, but that is not for me the most magical reason for running your own in-home day care. The magic is that this is the most wonderful uplifting, positive job in the world; the greenest of green occupations, moms and grand-moms (like me) raising children. Simple. True. Beautiful.

Susan Putman has been loving and being inspired by “the Littles” for over 30 years. She has also supported her now grown 3 children through “cars and college” because of the income from her still in operation in-home day care. Susan’s easy to follow, 1-2-3 method, will have you replacing your j.o.b. income in as little 90-days! Learn more about Susan’s Stay With Baby program here:


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