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How to Overcome Hardship

Over the past 2 months I have received countless emails from women (most of them single moms) sharing with me in detail their personal stories and what they are currently struggling with. I’ll be honest that my heart went out to them. I could feel their pain. I understood where they were coming from and all they really wanted was someone to understand their sense desperation.

I know I speak for single moms and any full time single parent when I say that it takes more physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy to raise children alone than you ever thought was possible.  I get it. So in this post, I am going to offer my advice and everything I have done to break through these same feelings in a few steps. You can turn around every situation with the power of your thoughts and you can start today.

If you are not a single parent and you are reading this, then please take this as a  message to reach out and help any single parent you know. No one should have to do anything alone.

  1. Create a picture in your mind of what you DO want. Regardless of where you are right now, start to think of what your ideal life looks like. Start with this step.

  2. Make a commitment to take ACTION and do what you need to do to start moving in the direction of you mental picture.

  3. Make a list of what you can do to help yourself and start creating that reality.

  4. Put your list in order of priority and take one step each day. Just one!

If you show up to the Universe and you let God know that you are ready to take control of your life and not be a victim to your past experiences, then I promise you your life will start to shift. You must take some kind of action though on the outer level.

On the inner level, take at least 10  minutes every day to write down how you feel, meditate or pray and tune in to your emotions. Release those feelings through visualization or other release techniques. You can go to this link and watch this video on releasing emotions I created for an expo I participated in last year.

Every day do something and your life will start to change. Many of the emails I receive clearly depict a picture of feeling helpless, lost and not knowing what to do. This is what you do. Start with these steps I gave you.

No matter what your life looks like, it can change.



One Response to “How to Overcome Hardship”

  1. Elizabeth Aceves on January 26th, 2011 4:37 pm

    Dear Marilyn,
    Thank you for your emails, links, and the information you provide to all of us. I absolutely look up to your spirit and vitality. You inspire, you instill hope and possibility of a better tomorrow. I am hanging in there, still no job and a year of not seeing my daughter. I keep visualizing the perfect job coming my way. Your article made we wonder if I am blinded by fear, which could perhaps be paralyzing me from looking harder for a job. Fear and lack of confidence are my biggest challenges…..but I am working on them.
    Thanks for the video and for the wonderful energy you spread out to others. God bless.

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