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Tuning In To Change

Well, I have not written in a while. Honestly, the past two months have been super busy along with a few challenges I have had to work through. They are done and cleared and I feeeel so much better. Basically, I just had to eliminate a few people from my life that were really not supporting me at all. The hardest part was letting go emotionally and accepting the change for what it was while staying in a place of compassion. It didn’t always feel pretty but after doing the work, it feels good now. Has that ever happened to you before?

Life is about change and it is constantly moving. What I really got was that we really are the ones that direct our life. We are in charge of it and no circumstance is too big or dark to be healed, changed and brought to the light.

Sometimes life can feel like it’s just not livable. I’ve been there. Moments where you just can’t
see the next step- even the next breath. But what I have learned over the course of my life is
that every breath IS the next step. It is part of the magic that keeps us going. It is divine and
without it we would not be able to experience this life.

So I just wanted to tune in to you, connect and share this piece of myself with you in hopes that
something from my story touches you and inspires you to look at your life and ask this
question: “How can I change what is not working in my life today?”

When I ask myself that question, I feel empowered because I feeeeel myself shifting into the role
of co-creator and authority over my life. No more victim. No more feeling sorry. Complete
responsibility and accountability for my life experience. Sometimes that can be difficult but you
know what? Nothing is more difficult than keeping ourselves stuck in pain, confusion, and
emotional, mental, physical and spiritual stagnation. I have felt the pains of that one too many
times in my life.

I am inviting you to look at where you are right now and look at what is not working for you that
is not supporting you or helping you move forward. Then ask yourself the question I gave you.
Give it some time to marinade and then make a list of everything you can do to help yourself.

Opening the door to possibilities is one of the first steps to take in making lasting and positive change.


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