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Following The Path Of Intuition

There comes a moment in time when giving up the struggle IS the answer. When the silent pain, the struggle, the fears, the doubts, the worries, the consequences of living in this mental and emotional state outweigh everything. There comes a moment in time when you have to let go of control and see what happens.

As a single mother, I get what it’s like to need to control the details of every day life. It’s part of having a structure and a routine so you can stay sane while you’re juggling a  million things; most of them being emotional and mental.

But there’s this breaking point when you realize that something has got to give. When you realize that all the “right” things that you are doing still are not filling that space inside that keeps you longing for something more; something deeper and more fulfilling.

It’s easy to live in a state of  “just enough” when you are doing it alone so here I want to share with you a  powerful principle, belief, whatever you want to call it. It’s what has kept me on target regardless of what life has thrown my way as a single mom. It’s called…intuition.

Now, to follow your intuition you have to reach a point where you are willing to surrender your life, your circumstances, your children, your ex’s, your fears, your careers, your cars, your clothes, your food, your friends…everything…to a higher power. I call it God, Infinite Spirit, Universe. You call it whatever makes your heart sing and feel full of life and peace.

When you follow the path of intuition, you follow a golden road. A road that leads you to the highest place of spiritual experience on this planet. Love is the highest form of spirituality so allowing yourself to surrender to love and give up the fears you have around love, you open up a space within you to allow God to talk to you. To allow others to love you. To allow love to flow from you.

I was contemplating this the other day and embodying your full feminine energy is more powerful than trying to control life. It means to be slow, powerful, irresistible, peaceful, strong, flexible, open, assertive, loving, gentle. You can raise your children this way. You can work this way. You can eat this way. You can drive your car this way. You can walk through the aisle of the grocery store this way. But it takes you willing to slow down enough, look at your life and say to yourself: “I want more and I want it from the inside first”.

So, your intuition is the voice of your inner wisdom coming through as well as your connection to the Divine. Every day begin with this simple statement or prayer:

“God, please guide me today. Tell me exactly what I need to know about______________. I am open to any messages you have for me and I will listen and pay attention to everything around me. I will listen to your voice within me. If there is anything for me to do, please let me know. Thank you . Amen.”

Say this every day, several times throughout the day and see what emerges. See how listening to the voice of your intuition elevates your life into a different and more fulfilling direction.


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