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SSM Blueprint

The SSM Blueprint: The Successful Single Mom’s Blueprint


ssm blueprint 1As a single mother you can face some of the greatest challenges in raising your child or children. It requires an incredible amount of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy and if you are not careful, it can backfire when those aspects of yourself are repeatedly neglected.  The most important work you will ever do is that of raising a healthy and well child.

The SSM Blueprint is a program that maps out the paradigms you must live by to be a healthy, happy, energetic, emotionally present and financially successful mother. No, you cannot be everything to your children, but you can be your absolute best even on your  ‘not so good’ days and this marks the difference in how you live your life.

The SSM Blueprint takes you through a specific curriculum of 3 layers or phases that will help you to RESOLVE your past, CREATE a future and life you would rather have, set goals and put new principles into action and SUCCEED on all levels, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, socially and financially. Each layer takes you deeper into what you would rather have while simultaneously healing the past without reliving any pain or trauma. This is a key factor as to why this program is so successful .

The Successful Single Mom’s Blueprint is designed  to help eliminate unnecessary stress in your life, be present to your children, develop your sense of self apart from being a mother,  learn how to relate to others as you get back out into the world again and gain control of your financial future.