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Following The Path Of Intuition

January 18, 2012

There comes a moment in time when giving up the struggle IS the answer. When the silent pain, the struggle, the fears, the doubts, the worries, the consequences of living in this mental and emotional state outweigh everything. There comes a moment in time when you have to let go of control and see what happens. Read more

Reaching Out

January 26, 2011

Today I am writing about my feelings on a certain topic. I speak from personal experience as well as for all of the women who have written to me asking me for advice and for help. I have shared through all of my teachings how we can help ourselves, take control over our own lives and move forward towards our dreams. Read more

How to Overcome Hardship

January 25, 2011

Over the past 2 months I have received countless emails from women (most of them single moms) sharing with me in detail their personal stories and what they are currently struggling with. I’ll be honest that my heart went out to them. I could feel their pain. I understood where they were coming from and all they really wanted was someone to understand their sense desperation. Read more

Tuning In To Change

January 23, 2011

Well, I have not written in a while. Honestly, the past two months have been super busy along with a few challenges I have had to work through. They are done and cleared and I feeeel so much better. Basically, I just had to eliminate a few people from my life that were really not supporting me at all. The hardest part was letting go emotionally and accepting the change for what it was while staying in a place of compassion. It didn’t always feel pretty but after doing the work, it feels good now. Has that ever happened to you before? Read more

The Solution to Raising Happy and Healthy Children

October 14, 2010

If your children are stressed, unhappy or acting out, there is something wrong.  Children have such an amazing ability to express their emotions exactly as they feel them.  So it is safe to say that if they are acting unhappy or depressed then they probably are. If they are hitting, yelling or throwing, they are probably angry.

Experiencing emotions is normal. That is part of the human journey. However, the consistent experience of  negative emotions  could be signaling a deeper issue.

Read more

Raising Children Requires Raising Self-Awareness

August 8, 2010

womanandchildTo raise a child requires an incredible amount of energy, time and effort.  It is a 24/7 job and the most fulfilling role a parent can ever  have.  I want to bring up a key point in raising children. This is more of an inside-out approach as this is what I believe about life in general. If you align your inner values, beliefs, feelings and overall energy with what you desire on the outside, then you can experience a peaceful and harmonious life. You will have a wealth of tools to choose from as life fluctuates in its natural flow and rhythm.

Raising children is an inside-out process. It starts with you. Being aware of yourself is crucial to the emotional health of your children. If they are emotionally healthy, then naturally they will be aware enough to make wise choices. This is true for all of us. That means that it is important to take note of your fears, your feelings, your values, your behaviors, actions and choices. Everything you do speaks volumes to your children. This includes everything you don’t do as well.

Here are 3 tips that will help you to generate self-awareness on a busy schedule (because all parents single or not have a busy schedule):

  1. Take 5 Minutes Although your busy life can seem to rule your world inside and out, find 5 minutes in your day to sit down, close your eyes, and breathe. Self-soothe yourself with this technique. Release stress and relax your mind. Everyone will benefit from this simple process.
  2. Pay Attention To Your Children Your children will always reflect back to you your emotional state. In some way they will act it out. And in some cases, like my 2 year old, they will be honest and straight forward. Focus on healing your emotional wounds and hang ups. As you clear yourself emotionally, you gain emotional strength, peace and self-awareness.
  3. Designate A Support Team To be successful in any and all areas of life, you must have a support system. We all need someone who can coach us to see our greatest strengths and help us close the gaps that keep us stuck in negative cycles. As we close gaps and align ourselves emotionally, mentally and spiritually we are able to be present in all areas of your life.

Self-awareness is naturally activated as you heal. It gives you a feeling of connectedness to everything and everyone. Having a high level of self-awareness gives you the strength to discern and make choices that will only bring you happiness and fulfillment. The benefits are endless and every part of your life will grow and become rich as a result of your heightened awareness of yourself and those around you.

How To Change Your Life With The Power of Thought

July 18, 2010

Your thoughts create your life. There is no exception to this rule. What you focus on you create so naturally if you practice shifting your thinking to neutral and positive thoughts then you will automatically “vibrate” at a different frequency causing all of the Universe to rearrange your life to match your new vibratory level.

If you think negative thoughts then you will absolutely struggle. Negative thinking is a low frequency which pulls manstressedyou out of your natural state of being. Read more

Need your input on this survey regarding abuse!

June 22, 2010

I am currently building a live course for single mothers (single parents) who became singleHealing abuse
parents as a result of domestic abuse. I would love to build this course around your specific needs and not just base it on my own experience and knowledge. I have received many emails with a request for this type of course and I need your help to make sure that it meets your exact needs!

Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey and when you are done, you will be taken to a free gift from me as a thank you for your time and energy!

Click here to take survey

New Program Release for Single Moms June 8!

June 1, 2010

I am so excited to announce the official release of  my new program Financial Solutions for Single Moms on June 8, 2010.

This comprehensive program is one of a kind. In this program, I show you how to overcome your money issues and what you need to do to start creating more money in your life. I literally take you by the hand and deeply coach you to make empowering changes that will absolutely improve your life on all levels. Read more

How To Release Resentment

May 30, 2010

Blaming others and holding on to anger and resentment will only create toxicity throughout your entire life. As difficult as it may seem sometimes, make it a goal to release others from how they have caused you pain. The more you genuinely release, the more open you become to receive God’s greatest blessings. Read more

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