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Programs and Services

Authentic Life Self-Empowerment Club

Receive up to 2 hours of recorded training, educating, coaching and mentoring with Marilyn.
Marilyn focusesĀ  on issues such as healing depression, emotional well-being, overcoming difficulties, making more money, parenting,
spirituality, healing from domestic violence and much more. These are intensive trainings designed to lift you up, inspire you and motivate you to take heart-centered action to reclaim your life and yourself. Marilyn includes action plans, techniques and inspiring advice on every topic covered. The calls are infused with Marilyn’s inspiring and activating personality. Subscribe now to receive these powerful and transformational trainings. $27.00/month

Mentoring With Marilyn

For private mentoring and coaching with Marilyn, send an email to or

You may also fill out our contact form to request a complimentary session.