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Stop Pretending and Start Being!

speaking-1It is true that one person cannot be everything to another human being. Most single moms battle this notion on a daily basis, creating a host of negative emotions, patterns and behaviors that ultimately show up in the lives of their children. The belief that they must be everything all at once is depleting on all levels.

If you live your life pretending that everything is okay and do not reach out for help, then you will eventually burn out. Pretending to make it will only take you further away from yourself, your relationships, your career and your life. It is a path that leads to inner isolation.

Marilyn has a gift and innate ability to connect deeply with the truth and realities that single moms face.  She coaches single moms to live an extraordinary life. She specializes in helping  and showing single mothers how to heal from the past, create a complete vision, set goals and take inspired action that will lead to both inner and outer quantum leaps of fulfillment and success.

Stop Pretending and Start Being! takes you through a process of inner exploration that will connect you to your deepest fears as well as your deepest desires. You will learn how to release these fears and how to activate within yourself the quality of your desires. Marilyn gives you cutting edge tools and processes that will shift how you perceive your life and illustrates how to live it from the inside out.  When you do this and make it part of your daily routine, you will begin to BE the person you want to be, closing the gap from where you are now to what you want to experience. speaking-2Marilyn shows you how to do that. Give yourself, your children and those you love the gift of yourself. Your unique authenticity will give you everything you need to fulfill your purpose and do it successfully.

Stop Pretending and Start Being! upgrades your view about yourself so that you can live your life with full awareness and success which is developed and sustained by an honest and positive view of oneself.